This website is not a compilation of projects but rather a folder that documents and exemplifies a unique approach in spacial  
The teams of BAT.architectuur are composed of excellent professionals that have performed successfully in Europe and Asia for  
more than a decade. We combine specific experience of the directors and their teams in a wide variety of fields and like this  
address a large variety of programs in separate as well as combined ways. With an extensive staff, a solid office infrastructure and  
a wide portfolio of studies, projects and research BAT.architectuur has the set-up and know-how that allows for the imagination  
and implementation of creative spacial solutions for the most challenging sites and briefs.
Indeed, BAT.architectuur have covered scales that range from the urban level to the architectural level and have dealt with  
programs as diverse as landscapes, public buildings, dwellings, cultural intrastructure, offices and public spaces. We are equally  
at home at the large and the small scale and this double perspective brings strategic insight to our buildings and spaces and  
tactical cunning to our urban projects.

Design strategies of BAT.architectuur are based on a particular attention for the characteristics of places and for the way  
buildings are used by communities. In our projects we approach buildings, cities and landscapes as different facets of the relation  
between space and society.
Characteristic for BAT.architectuur is the investigative and innovative attitude that underscores our different projects. Each  
project is elaborated as a research into optimal solutions for the specific programmatic and contextual questions. The projects of  
BAT.architectuur are therefore never standard products, but rather well investigated proposals for a specific design problem and  
a particular context.
A most noteworthy quality of our design approach is its clear embedment in building practice and construction management. The  
wide experience of its directors in these fields inspires the concepts and strategies that are developed. The projects of  
BAT.architectuur go beyond a shiny image and combine programmatic solutions with excellent sense for spacial composition, a  
sounding sensibility about constructional matters and refined details.
With continuing involvement in practice, teaching and architectural debates in Europe and Asia, the reference frame of  
BAT.architectuur is firmly international. With the strong experience of our teams, the encompassing scope of the portfolio and a  
unique sensitive design approach, it is our aim to stand with the best of contemporary international practice. BAT.architectuur  
regards every assignment as a venture of utmost social responsibility and attempts to contribute through every project to a  
better social and spacial environment.
Feel free to contact us with all your questions and we look forward to introduce our approach during an inspiring presentation.

"Puyang school for acrobatics and arts" winner of the "IAA 2015 award" in the category institutional - concepts