Wim Goes founded Wim Goes Architectuur (Ghent, BE) in 1999 and has since been recognized both locally and internationally through juries, lectures, publications and prizes. He graduated from Sint-Lucas in 1993 and attended the 06 Glenn Murcutt International Master Class in Australia and the 08 Master Class in New Zealand. He has published drawings and texts on architecture and is teaching at the KU Leuven since 2005.

In 2006 he and his team become member of BAT. Architectuur.

" Wim Goes is convinced that architecture is more about attitude than about design. Sure he is able to fulfil functional tasks. Sure in the end he makes a design. Otherwise there is no architecture.
Architecture is based on analysis and abstraction all right. But Wim Goes makes a crucial distinction here: he never tries to simplify the complexity of life
and thus of art. The essence of his attitude comes to this: he simply tries to deal with it. ~ Kris Martin

Project under his supervison  have won numerous  architecture awards and Wim Goes is a laureate of
Europe 40 under 40.
"Puyang school for acrobatics and arts" winner of the "IAA 2015 award" in the category institutional - concepts